About us

Jacques Warren, CEO

Jacques Warren

Jacques Warren has been working in Online Marketing for eighteen years, focusing entirely on Digital Analytics and Online Marketing valuation for the last twelve. In early 2007, he launched WAO/MARKETING, changing its name to KWANTYX in June 2014. He has advised a hundred organizations on their Web investments in several industries of  the private and public sectors.  His Online Marketing philosophy is one obsessed with profitability. According to him, the Web either contributes to a business’ bottom line, or is a waste of resources. He is committed to help KWANTYX‘s clients dramatically improve their online investments by bringing top people on projects.

Jacques is often sought after at conferences as a speaker in North America and Europe. He is also the co-author of Web Analytics: Mesurer le succès et maximiser la profitabilité de votre site Web published by Eyrolles, Paris, in 2009 (2nd edition 2012), which is now considered a classic on the topic in French.


The firm revolves around its CEO, Jacques Warren, a seasoned veteran of Online Marketing measurement and optimization. Based on projects needs, we assemble people from our staff and world network of experts in several fields: Digital Analytics, Database Marketing, Statistics, and Online Business Strategy. Our total focus is on helping you improve your business online, not simply optimizing some conversion points. Being absolutely data-driven, without assumptions, we base our advices on facts we discover in your data, not on the fad of the day (and God knows there are plenty online!).