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Why The Heck Care About Private Search?

[Have a look at all updates below. The phenomenon is way more important than what Google first announced it would be. December 13th: I just keep updating this post with new links because we are seeing worse impacts than what the benevolent G (as in giant Google) said. Still, the peasants do not revolt] [October […]

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X Change 2011: A Superb Edition

September brought my annual pilgrimage to California where I have been attending the X Change Web Analytics Conference since 2007 (except for 2009 when I had to go to Paris to launch my book). If you ever heard of that conference, but never attended, you probably already know how so very well participants are treated. […]

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So? You Wanna Dance?

This post is not about the difference between Google Analytics older mode of sessionization and the new one. There are TONS of blogs that talked about it. Actually, I think the change makes much sense. What makes less sense is the sheer sense of panic we were getting from many people about it. First, I […]

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The WAO/FACTOR – A Newsletter

This coming September, I will launch a newsletter called The WAO/FACTOR [It’s now out, here]. Since the inception of my company, WAO has stood for Web Analytics & Optimization, and the three letters were supposed to be pronounced wow! I say “were” because most people don’t get it. Ah! Branding! Branding! Next time I’ll conduct […]

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Here’s Your Invoice, and Here’s Why We Failed

Recently, my friend Gary Angel (certainly *the* one blogger you should follow in Web Analytics if you had to keep only one) wrote about something I thought had profound consequences. In a few words, Gary says that an online marketing agency could not fundamentally be the same one who reports on whether strategies and campaigns […]

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