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Practitioner Web Analytics – Spain

I was supposed to write this post loooong ago about PWA 2010 that was held in Madrid last May, and I must here apologize to my friends Jaume Clotet, Andrés Flores, and Luz Valdés. However, I think this is still a good time, because it means we are getting closer to the next edition and […]

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My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – V

That day was a particularly enlighting one for me. It was my first true exposure to hard core data cleansing. Boy! That scrape the eyelids off my face! Fifth instalment of the Big Integration series about the TDWI World Conference back in 2008. The sixth and last one to be published later this week. I […]

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Three Candles on The Cake

Today is the third anniversary of my business. It is first and foremost the third anniversary of me saying “Bye Bye Boss!”. It was a tough decision, one that I have never regretted since. Working for oneself presents many challenges, that’s for sure, and sometimes a lot of stress, since nobody is there to take […]

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My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – II

Now, the summary of the second day of a week that changed many things in my professional life. Today was HandsOn-Business Analytics with the very interesting Michael L. Gonzales. Michael walked us through some high level topics in today’s BI: the promise of BI, the BI gap, filling the BI gap, dashboards and scorecards, advanced visualization, […]

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Big Election Day in Web Analytics Citizenship

If I’m not mistaken, the vote is today for some of the Director seats at the WAA (Web Analytics Association). It is obviously an important day for us members. As for me, I will certainly cast my vote to Nicolas Babin, for the non-North-American seat. Nicolas is not only a client, but a friend first, […]

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