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eMetrics Toronto

I know. I mostly use this blog to advertise events where I’ll be presenting. Don’t worry, with the new version of my site coming in May, I have new plans to contribute more. But for now, I would like to remind you that the eMetrics Toronto is coming soon. You will have the opportunity to […]

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On A Personal Note

Been a while since I posted last, I know. I have been very busy wrting white papers, and with the conference season now in full bloom, I am afraid I won’t have much time for it still. But, hey! You are not worrying, are you? There are tons of blogs now on Web Analytics anyway! […]

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Those Weird Visits From Google inc.

For several days now, I have noticed visits coming from Google inc. everyday. It’s usually 1 or 2 pages. I started suspecting some kind of spider that would now execute javascripts. I don’t know. And this morning, I was quite surprised that yesterday visit was clocking more than 8 hours (!!) with only 2 page […]

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My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – IV

Fourth post about my week at the TDWI World Conference in 2008 during which I learned lots of stuff that I wish would permeate more into Web Analytics… Today I was in new territories. I took both sessions on Data Requirements Analysis and Data Profiling for Reengineering, Knowledge Discovery, and Information Quality, both given by David Loshin. We spent […]

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Interview With June Dershewitz (The TBI Republishing)

NOTE: So, I’m starting republishing some of the most interesting posts I did on The Big Integration, and will try to do so only with those that still make sense today. It is a great pleasure to start this new series of interviews about web data and customer data integration with June Dershewitz. June is a seasoned […]

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